A Very Merry Birth Family Christmas

We are so happy that we got to celebrate Christmas with Beanie's amazing birth mom and birth grandparents during our "Christmas in Utah"/ pre-Dec. 25 celebration! 

Bean has a super amazing birth family. We are so grateful for each and every one of them. We are able to visit with Bean's birth mom K pretty often, every couple of months. It is so much fun, and such a blessing to all of us. I am so grateful our little girl gets to know her birth family, and feel their love, and know what an amazing woman brought her into the world! 

We love these guys! They totally SPOIL us, and this visit was no exception. They came with lots of gifts, all so generous and thoughtful. Beanie loved playing with my new apron and hot pads for the RED kitchen =) (These guys know us so well!)

LOVE this picture. Bean loves her birth family! She planted lots of sweet smooches on K, and luckily I was able to capture one. 

One new gift was a Minnie Mouse "cell phone" toy. She loves it! Here she is telling Daddy the phone is for him :)

And some more super precious moments:

We love these guys! Thank you SO MUCH for coming! We are so lucky and blessed to have you all in our lives and love you very much.

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