Keepsake-y Gift Ideas

This post basically outlines a few DIY gift ideas for friends who are looking for sentimental gifts, whether for birth families like these were for, or grandparents, friends, whatever! I love that my husband is so helpful with artsy stuff like this. 

Every year we make salt dough ornaments for Iris's birth parents. We found a much better salt dough recipe this year and colored the dough a lovely Grinch-like green. We poked holes in the tops before baking, and strung a white ribbon through after they cooled. Shaun also etched in Iris's name and the year. Recipe and tutorial source: HERE. (Note: We had to bake ours for a LONG time....5 hours? But worth it, they turned out way cuter than last years =) )

Any of you really gifted crafters or folks who want real tutorials will probably want to skip this one, since we pretty much made it up. What we did: Made homemade modge podge with a combo of equal parts water and Elmer's school glue. We then took our brown and pink painted circles (aged a bit with sandpaper) and modge-podged scrapbook paper on. We tore it at the edges trying for a cool vintage look. Then we cut out pictures (printed on matte paper) and modge-podged those on trying to get the smoothest finish possible. This was fun!

And this pinterest-inspired project turned out way less cute than the inspiration. Oh well! The original pin can be found HERE.


  1. I really love the salt-dough ornament. I think we're totally going to do this for Ellie. It'll probably be later this week, (so, after Christmas), but it'll be a great keepsake!

  2. I truly enjoyed seeing them on my tree! Comparing last year and this year ordaments! Thank You So Much!!


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