Powder Laundry Soap

I love this detergent recipe. It's easy to make and I feel like it gets our clothes SO CLEAN, without a bunch of perfumes and chemically fillers that don't do anything. 

And, on an unrelated note--look at this cute girl! I love it when I can watch her sleep. This day she was just totally zonked out when I went to get her after her nap. She'd stripped all of her blankets off her bed and thrown them all over her room before curling up and falling asleep like this. Another adventure by Iris lately: she apparently tried to sleep on the bottom level of her changing table, where her extra blankets are stored. The shelf broke, so now there's no bottom shelf. Alas! She can be a wild child, but she sure is precious. 


  1. I have been dying to make that detergent! I'm so happy you posted this! I've been kind of skeptical about making my own, but I think I will now! :)

    Iris is getting so big! How does she sleep with her toddler bed? Does she get out a lot? We have been thinking about moving Aaron, but I worry he wouldn't stay put.

  2. Rachel--the toddler bed is awesome and tricky all at once--Iris will get in when she's tired, which is great. But she does get out if she doesn't want to nap or sleep, and try to open the door. If it's locked, she'll just trash her room (throw diapers all over etc. She's pretty creative!) I'm glad we switched, because we really did it as a step toward being potty-training ready, but it's tricky sometimes. Let me know how you like the detergent!

  3. Nothing better than a sleeping baby. Definitely melted my heart with that picture. What a sweetie... of course they all are when they're sleeping! ;) hahaha

    I'll definitely have to check out that detergent!


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