The Birthmark, and Some Thoughts

Bean was born with a cute, quirky birthmark on her left hand. We love her birthmark, and just think it's adorable, even though people always (really! always!) ask why we drew a line with brown marker on our child's hand. (Umm, yeah, I draw on her hand so I can keep track of which hand is which....???) It makes us laugh every time. But I hardly even notice it now and when I do, it just makes me smile. It's so cute. Sadly, however, I've been monitoring the spots/moles inside her birthmark, and they've been darkening and growing, so the time has come to get it removed. We've had a consultation with a specialist, and it'll probably happen relatively soon. Alas. It'll be good to not worry about the moles anymore, but I do love my cute girl's cute birthmark. I accidentally got a really good shot of it a few weeks ago:

We love our beautiful little girl! 

Sometimes when I am being more reflective, I'm just blown away by all of the miracles that she brought to our lives, not only in her special adoption story and birth story, but also in the medical hurdles she has had to overcome--and let me tell you, my baby girl is tough! She is such a superstar. The medical knowledge of this day and age is astounding. When Beanie was born, the doctors told us that if she'd been born even just a few years ago she would not have survived. How scary is that!? And she still has more health challenges to deal with than some of her peers (nothing too crazy! She gets sick more frequently, has weaker lungs and asthma, all VERY treatable thankfully!). She is so strong. She is also the sweetest, kindest, most tender-hearted girl. She is a miracle in every way, and we are so blessed and grateful that she is part of our forever family. I'm thankful that we've been able to experience so many miracles with her. She teaches us so many things and makes life extra sweet and extra special. I am so grateful for her, and for Heavenly Father for blessing our family with her, and for K and A, her amazing birth parents, for their selfless love and sacrifice for this sweetheart. My mom says is very well: Beanie is delightful. She really is.


  1. I was wondering if you were going to have to have the birthmark removed. I remember when my brother had his birthmark on his cheek how many comments we would get. I hope everything goes well with having it removed. Not having to worry about it anymore will sure to be a relief. I can't believe how much your little girl has had to go through in her short life. It is a wonderful thing that she has so many people to love her.
    It was so good to be able to see you at Christmas even if it was only for a short time. Iris is so much cuter in person (she is already so cute in pictures). I couldn't believe how loving she is!

  2. Awww, Iris is the best. I love hearing you talk about her and how wonderful she is. She really has overcome a lot. Good luck to her with her birth mark! Hopefully everything goes well and it heals all right.


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