Best purchase ever!

Bean and I are really happy. (And I think Shaun is too :) )

We got our tax returns, and we used it to get the most incredible thing. I can't even articulate how much I love this hunk of workout loveliness....

Last year when we got our exercise bike, Shaun was really excited. We both liked the bike a lot, but I've always been more of an elliptical machine fan. I love working out on those, they just involve so much more movement and I feel likes get a way better burn with them. So this year, we decided to get one!

When the giant box arrived, we knew it would be much bigger than we anticipated....the box was ginormous! Shaun and I were both bummed that it wasn't very sturdy- we both had hopes of making a  fun little fort with it for Bean to enjoy in her playroom for the rest of the cold winter months.

Shaun joked that our study (front room) is becoming an exercise room. It kind of is! The divider hides the bike and elliptical when you first walk in, but once you get to the family room, the elliptical really just jumps out when you look in the study. It's HUGE! I think we need to get a new divider.

But even if it's huge and not the classiest piece of furniture, it's AWESOME! I am so excited to work out on it every morning. Hopefully that feeling keeps on lasting, ha ;)


  1. How awesome!!! I love tax return time! I really like ellipticals over bikes and treadmills too... such a great investment for your health!

  2. Have fun!!!! You know how much I love working out;)

  3. Exciting! The elliptical was my favorite machine at the BYU gym.


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