Welcome to Adoption Week!

It's Adoption Week!

Shaun and I have been planning our blog's "Adoption Week" for many moons now, and we are beyond excited that it's finally here! We hope you'll all learn something new, that you'll see something you like in the giveaways, and that you'll spread the word about adoption to people you know.

One thing that is typical in the world of adoption is that many don't really understand it. This is our opportunity to educate our friends and family and hopefully their family and friends about the beauty of adoption in our lives and the lives of our friends (including other families who have adopted, friends who were adopted themselves, and friends who are birth parents and placed babies they love for adoption).

There are 4 giveaways this week, and they are all awesome! (At least, we think so.) There are lots of handmade things available, made by people we love.

Giveaway # 1
Giveaway # 2
Giveaway # 3
Giveaway # 4

Anyone can enter each giveaway once by simply commenting on that giveaway. BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS IN YOUR COMMENT.

If you'd like to enter additional times and increase your chances of winning, you may do any (and all, if you want!) of the following things. Be sure you comment on the giveaway you're entering each time you do something else, and include a brief description of WHAT you did.

Ways to enter the giveaway of your choice additional times:  

- Share an adoption-related blog post from LanetteAndShaun.blogspot.com on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, or other social media (specify which).
- Add one of our adoption buttons to your blog or website (if you already have one that counts!)
- Post one of our adoption videos on Facebook or other social media.  
- Link to our adoption website on Facebook or other social media.
- Write a blog post about us and our hope to adopt and share the link in your comment.
- Write a paragraph about us for a future new "others say" page/ video (only applicable if you actually know us!)
- Follow our blog (if you already are, that counts!)
- Like our adoption facebook page (if you already have, that counts!)

 There will also be a few other ways you can enter additional times mentioned in posts throughout "Adoption Week." See our Giveaway Details page for more information.

Be sure to check back here often this week. We will also have guest posts from friends who have adopted (or hope to adopt), as well as from our daughter's birthmom, her birth grandparents, and also from a professional social worker.

We are so excited! We hope that all of you and enjoy "Adoption Week" as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.



  1. The giveaways are great! I am excited to see the other posts that are going to be coming.

  2. O my word, Iris is so big now! She looks a lot like her mom! Pretty eyes!

    1. We do think she looks a lot like her beautiful birth mom! (we're assuming that's what you mean, since we don't hear she looks like her mom, Lanette, very often) And her eyes are lovely, we agree :)

  3. Happy Adoption Week! Your blog is looking amazing!

  4. So excited! This is so great, what amazing people you have in your life that are willing to donate these cool things for a give away. Did you get my email with all the attachments??


    1. Hey Brenley! I'm sorry I've been so scatterbrained, I meant to reply to you sooner! I did get it, everything s beautiful and so good. You are totally a good writer

  5. Hi !
    I just discovered your blog and your story through friends.
    And Wow ! Thank you for sharing this.
    I will pray for you guys to find a sister or brother for little Iris.

    By the way, who chose her name?

    Iris :)

    1. Thanks so much Iris!

      We chose her name, and love it ;) Before she was born we told her birth parents what we were planning on naming her and they loved it. If they'd wanted to put a different name on her birth certificate when she was first born they could have. After an adoption is finalized (usually 6 months after placement) the parents (adoptive parents) can legally change the name. That's also when the adoptee's last name is officially changed, if applicable.

    2. PS--I just looked at your blog for a couple minutes--so cool! I'm excited to read it a bit more when I have the chance. You and your husband are a great looking pair :)Thanks so much for commenting!


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