Family Fiesta

We had my entire family together for the last time for at least the next two years (and really, most likely longer) a couple weeks ago, as we gathered to send my brother Jake off to prepare for and go on his mission to the Baltic states (in Europe).

As with all of our family gatherings, there was a lot of food (all of it quite delicious), and a lot of fun silly play. My brothers got pretty busted for throwing beanbags all around my house after I asked them to stop. They are a crazy bunch. But we love them so much!

Our awesome friend Scott took some family pictures of us all, and we are so grateful for him doing that. My family is really hard bunch to photograph well together, but Scott did a great job anyway. Thanks so much Scott!

We are so grateful for our wonderful family. I am so grateful that our family can be together forever, and that I grew up in a home with the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and the priesthood. We are so excited for Jake to be serving his mission and sharing the gospel message with others. We feel so blessed. It was a very special weekend.

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  1. Aww that's great that you guys were able to take a picture of everyone together! I'm sure it's something you'll love looking at and cherish as you are all apart for the next few years. :)


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