Mission Reunion, Visit with Bean's Birth Father, General Conference and the City Center Temple

I'm really behind on posting about what we've been up to lately! For now though I'm just going to catch up with what this past weekend looked like for us. 

Shaun took the afternoon off of work on Friday and we headed north for two things:
- To visit with Bean's birth father and
-To go to Shaun's mission reunion

Seeing "A," Bean's birth father was great. We're so grateful for him. Bean fell asleep on the  hour-long drive and was pretty grumpy, but before we left she grabbed the teddy bear A gave her from his own childhood and brought it along for the ride, which we thought was the sweetest thing ever. It's like she totally knew where we were going- she doesn't normally bring toys on car rides, especially stuffed animals. We will forever be so grateful for A and are so glad we know him.

Then, right after that the mission reunion--so awesome! I love Shaun's mission president and his wife, they are such good, loving people. Seeing friends from Shaun's mission days was wonderful too. We feel so lucky to know so many rad people. Shaun worked hard on collaborating bios on how people are doing and getting them into binders for the reunion, and helped a lot with the planning, and definitely did a great job--it was a fun evening. Plus there was Bluebell ice cream, so how can you go wrong there? I made a Texas sheet cake (that's where Shaun served his mission) and we were surprised that it was totally gone by the time we left! (it was BIG!) But really, a cake that calls for a pound of butter has got to be delicious, right? 

Saturday and Sunday we watched General Conference (click here to learn what this is), which was so spiritually uplifting. There were so many great messages, I can't wait to re-listen to everything and enjoy it over and over again. Something I loved overall was all of the messages focused on missionary work. With my little brother at the MTC getting ready to preach the gospel on his mission, missionary work has been on our minds a lot more. I know there's more we can all be doing to share the gospel and the source of joy and happiness for our family with others. Now to actually do it ;) 

On Sunday afternoon we walked around the new Provo City Center Temple construction site with my brother Dave before dinner. We're so excited to watch the progress as this temple is built. We used to have stake conference in the tabernacle. When Shaun and I were newlyweds we got to sit up in the choir section as part of the choir when Pres. Packer came to speak to our stake. So cool!

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  1. I just love that first picture of the three of you! You all look so great! And I'm totally amazed looking at those pictures of the tabernacle... it's just sitting there on those wooden beams with no solid ground holding it... like it's no big deal! Crazy what they can do to preserve a building through all the renovations and additions! I remember going to stake conference there too. I think it's so special that they're turning it into a temple!


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