Taking Uncle Jake to the MTC

A few weeks ago, and we took my younger brother Jake to the missionary training center.

Before going, we went to lunch at Zupa's, and then picked up my sister Rina, so she could drop him off with us. And we took pictures--a lot of pictures, but I won't post all of them, just some:

I don't think I have ever been any good at writing to / supporting missionary relatives and friends, but having a younger brother who I love so much who is on a mission now has changed that. At least, I think so! We all love writing to Jake, and get so excited every time we hear from him. Bean loves coloring pictures for him, & Shaun and I love trying to write letters that can uplift and inspire him, we know learning Russian has been pretty tough so far. But we also know that he will be able to learn it, and the Lord will help him.

One of the many awesome things about Shaun working at the MTC is that he got to have lunch with Jake and his district about a week ago. So neat!

We are so proud of my younger brother, and are so excited for all that will come with his missionary service. He is an excellent example to us, and we love him.

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