Celebrate Adoption Walk and Birth Mother's Day!

The Saturday before Mother's Day is Birth Mother's Day. Obviously Birth Mother's Day is a super special day here. We adore Bean's birth mother, and are so grateful for her! Birth Mother's Day this year was also the day of the annual "Celebrate Adoption Walk," and this year we got to help with planning it on our local FSA board. It was a blast! Bean's beautiful birth mother came to the walk, and we had so much fun with her as we helped with sign-ins and coordinated the cupcake walk. Bean was a little diva the whole time, running around mischievously and looking darling. I think all of us were pretty beat by the time the walk wrapped up, but it was some serious fun! We love adoption, and we love birth mothers, especially ours. She's the best!

The next three pics are from the race for kids around Beanie's age. She was by far the youngest one who participated, and she totally didn't "get it," haha. She's on the far left, the one who starts running as the bigger kids finished. Our friend Chris was great and tried to explain it to her, so after she started running we thought she'd finish, but then she saw Shaun and just ran to him. Cute girl!

We were up to our ears in cupcakes before and during this thing! The kids loved them though, and that's the point. 

Love this picture of Beanie and her awesome birthmother. So cute! Beanie definitely got her beautiful olive skin from her. Such good-looking girls!

Hooray for Adoption!

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  1. Looks like such a fun, festive event! And with good reason -- adoption and birth mothers are definitely things to be celebrated! I think it's so special the way you praise and adore Iris's birth mother, and she clearly feels the same way about all of you. :)


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