Mother's Day

Mother's Day this year was beautiful! 

Shaun and I are so grateful for our sweet mothers. We love them! 

The day before Mother's day is Birth Mother's Day. We had fun celebrating with Bean's birth mother! She gave me these pretty flowers for Mother's Day. She's so sweet!

We got a kick out of it because we got her potted flowers for Birth Mother's Day! Apparently we really really really think alike ;) I love the flowers so much, aren't they lovely?

After dinner we went out back and enjoyed the sunshine and our cute little Bean. 

It was a perfect day! So grateful for my awesome family, for my wonderful mother, for Iris's beautiful birth mother who made me a mother, and for cute little Iris! She's the best! 


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  1. Happy Belated Mother's Day! You are an incredible mommy, Iris is so lucky to have you! I'm glad you had such a perfect day!


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