Sisters Night and Gail

My sister Rach came down for a weekend a couple weeks ago. We had a fabulous "sister date," which started when we went to meet one of our favorite authors and hear her speak. I felt scummy before, but even that couldn't alter the sheer AWESOMENESS of it all. Gail Carson Levine wrote "Ella Enchanted," which I was pretty much obsessed with from the time I first read it until...still. It's lovely. She also wrote a ton of other wonderful books. A couple of my favorites: "Fairest" and "Dave at Night." She is a really fun writer, and seeing her in person was so rad. She is super cute--way petite, like seriously short, with an awesome NY accent and lots of energy and pep. I loved hearing her speak and took tons of notes (I'm such a nerd!) Rach and I got really giddy afterwards when we had her sign a couple of books for us and snapped a quick picture with her. 

After all of the awesomeness with Gail (I'm going to pretend we're totally on a first name basis now), Rach and I met up with our other sister Rina and went out to dinner. Over pizza and root beer floats we had a blast giggling like school girls about meeting Gail and being literally unable to say anything intelligent to her. Then Rach tried to help Rina woo our waiter while I zoned out (due to way too much root beet no doubt) and imagined my own speeches and book signings as a famed writer. Haha ;)  Then we came back to my place to watch a chick flick and sleep. Shaun was a good sport about our late night party, and I was beat the next morning, but it was definitely worth it to catch up with my sisters. I love them!

Now here's the pics from Rach and I meeting Gail: (I'm sure the top picture has you braced already for the slight blurriness...)

I know you're supposed to save the best for last. I sort of did. Rach and I were so excited about this picture! Sure my eyes are closed and I look like a fool, and sure it's a bit blurry, but WE HAVE A PICTURE WITH A GENIUS AUTHOR. And that makes the other things okay. 

We love Gail! :)


  1. That is AWESOME! What a cool author to be able to meet and listen to! Ella Enchanted is a classic. I don't think I've ever read "Dave at Night," I'll have to check it out!

  2. Dave at night is a fun book. It is her sort of imagination take on her dad's story as an orphan and New York City. She was trying to basically explained herself how he could be so happy after growing up and such a sad environment. PS sorry for all the typos, can't fix them on the iPad, I really need to learn more about technology.


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