The Giant Garden Post

This first round of pictures is from early May, when we first began the gardening. 

Here's Shaun planting:

In our first garden box we have onions, basil, spinach, lettuce, peppers, carrots, chard...

And some of the pretty flowers we planted:

Tomatoes. So, we meant to buy a bunch of heirloom tomato plants, but we think someone may've swapped our plants in our cart at the nursery, because we came home and Shaun began planting, and we realized we had ended up with different tomatoes than we picked out. Sad! So here they are anyway:

And now for the next round (about a week later): 

So remember how I was wanting heirloom tomatoes? Well, I have the best husband in the universe. He got me the most fabulous heirloom tomatoes ever a week after the mishap. Hooray! So excited about these:

We also decided to plant some zucchini and cucumbers in a new box (Shaun built an additional 4 boxes because we loved the first raised bed so much!)

Love this handsome, hardworking man!

We love our backyard! 

And from last week:

I kept telling Shaun how much I want a berry patch next year. And so he surprised me with a super rad hanging strawberry plant this year, that can be planted to start a patch for next year! Woohoo! 

We've got some fun flowers blooming in the front yard now. It makes me so happy :)

Some of the seeds are doing really well! Still waiting to see if a few others will sprout..

The tomatoes are rocking it!

The cucumbers weren't doing so hot so we got some starts to replace a few of the seeds

Heirloom tomatoes and onions....

And we got a bunch of fabulous pepper plants since our pepper seeds haven't taken yet either, and we LOVE peppers. They look fabulous! 


  1. If I could develop any skill overnight, I think it may be the patience and desire and green thumb to garden. I seem to kill any plant I ever get or plant. Reading this inspires me to want to take the time to maybe learn more and start my own garden in the near future! Looking forward to hearing how your crop turns out!

  2. Yeah, honestly Shaun is the real gardener here! I can be a bit squeamish about dirt and bugs ;)


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