Just Another Evening in Paradise

Last week we had a few awesome, perfect, outside-family-time summer nights. One of those nights, I remembered the camera and actually got some of our family time documented. It was a great evening! 

The Bean had a blast splashing in her little pool, while Shaun and I took turns playing with our cutie and working in the garden. (But let's be real--Shaun was really the one gardening. He loves the garden!)

Bean loves her papa! 

And I love my little best girlfriend and the husband! I am one lucky lady! 

We had to move some of the raised beds for the garden after the trees grew way more awesomely shady leaves than we expected, since nothing was getting any sun. The relocating was hard on the swiss chard, lettuce, and spinach, it all died. We're hoping some of the new seedlings can make it though!

Hope you're loving summer! And Happy Father's Day tomorrow! Shaun and I are so grateful for our dads. We're lucky to have such great men who raised us! And today is Birth Father's Day. We are so thankful for our Bean's birth father, "A," and that he, along with "K," made the loving choice to place Bean with us. I am so glad he made the loving choices he did for our little girl, and that he made Shaun a papa. I am so grateful for my handsome hubby, who is the best Dad and Husband on the planet. Bean and I are so spoiled by him, and we love and adore him! He's the best! 

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  1. So fun! We got a little pool for Ellie too, and she loves it. Those pictures of Iris in her swimsuit are so cute! That last one is a crack-up. :)


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