Memorial Day

I've been a major slacker. This post is waaay late. Alas.

On Memorial Day, Shaun almost was granted a "dream come true." Almost. 

We had a fun day, including a little trip down to Payson (the pictures are at the Payson Temple construction--so fun!) and then, I had an idea. Shaun has always talked about how he wants to have chickens someday. We buy organic eggs from a local farm here, and it can be a bit spendy, so he tries to lure me in with promises of "good eggs, basically for free!"So, our drive got me feeling a bit more "country" and "outoorsy" than I normally do, so I suggested we go look at the country store, for baby chicks. Shaun about died of happiness! And Beanie loved the store--she could've watched the baby animals all day. But alas, my common sense kicked in as I smelled the stinky chicken-smell, and so....no chickens this year. ;) 


  1. That first picture makes me laugh!!! bahaha! Iris, you're a hoot! And good call on the chickens, I totally get the whole "free" eggs thing, but I can only imagine how stinky it would be!

  2. Love the first pic--what an expression! So you think chickens are stinky?!? You're right!


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