Presenting Pirate Bean! Ahoy Mateys!

We hope you all have a spooky good Halloween! Bean had a bit of a cold, so we skipped the trunk-or-treat last night and had one at home instead, around the house. It was AWESOME. Shaun, Grandma and I went around the house hiding in every room, pantry and closet (and the bathtubs...I wanted my girl to have a blast!) and she'd knock and say "trick or treat" and get candy, all at home! She had a ball, and got good practice for tonight's real trick-or-treating which was very small-scale and which Shaun and I used as an excuse to visit some old friends. 

And here is our gorgeous little pumpkin!

We love these kids. Happy Halloween! 


  1. You amaze me the way you go above and beyond to make things special, which grammy is visiting you? Your babes are precious

  2. I love Pirate Bean! And your house trick-or-treat idea sounds great. We didn't really take Ellie around yesterday, because we knew she'd get tired from the walking and might be scared of all the strangers at the doors. Your solution sounds perfect.

  3. I'd be willing to surrender my loot to that little pirate! Darling! That's awesome that you made a special little trunk-or-treat at the home to make up for not attending the church activity. Sounds like it was just as much fun! Glad you had a nice, fairly low-key Halloween!

  4. I love that you got to say "kids" at the end of your post. :)


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