More about Lil' Man's Whirlwind Adoption Story

After Lil' Man's birth parents called us to say they'd chosen us to be the parents of our beautiful son, who we'd already met and held, we were over the moon. We barely slept that night, and the next morning we got busy getting things ready for him to come home. We made a trip to the grocery store to get lots of cereal, yogurt, and other quick food for easy meals for us, and got jumbo packs of diapers and formula. Our wonderful friends who have 3 boys gave us a bag of newborn-3 month sized boy clothes and we got the nursery set up. Shaun reinstalled the infant car seat and I cleaned the house like crazy, wanting a germ-free zone for our precious newbie. Then we began wondering what we should get for our placement gifts for Lil'Man's birth parents. We brainstormed a few ideas and tried to convince Bean to take a nap. All the while Shaun and I were going over names, going back and forth on a few. The one we ended up choosing is one I suggested to Shaun years ago. Since then Shaun had never forgotten how much he loved the name, and he was pretty relentless about it. It's all good, I like it too plus I picked Bean's name, so really, all is fair. Lil' Man's adorable middle name is a mashup after our grandfathers as well as Shaun's mission president.

After nap we took Bean to the hospital to meet Lil' Man and his birth family. They adored her as she hammed it up for them. She loves kissing and holding Lil' Man too, for short time spans. That first day of getting ready and knowing we would be having Lil' Man as ours, Bean kept saying "Best. Day. EVER!" And it was. Holding him and knowing he was going to be ours was the most amazing feeling. That night we got another sitter and Shaun and I went back to the hospital to sign papers. It took a few hours. Beforehand we picked up a few small placement gifts, including a bear like the bear Bean's birth father's family gave us when they announced they were placing with us, one for Lil' Man's birth fam and one of us to take pics of Lil' Man next to so they can see him grow in between visits. The bear looks a lot like Bean's, with a different year on its foot and a different color and design. Initially we were looking for something else, a bigger, more classic stuffed animal, but when we saw the bear we got we just knew we wanted to make these bears a family / adoption tradition. Lil' Man's birth mom really loved the idea of the bear too. When we walked into the room Lil' Man and his birth family were in after everyone had signed (we all sign in separate rooms/ areas) Lil' Man's birth mother came up to me and we just hugged for a long time--minutes. The hug said a lot of things. I feel so honored and grateful that these wonderful people have entrusted us with this beautiful boy as our son. 

Lil' Man with his gorgeous birth mother and his handsome birth father:

We are so crazy about them! When his birth mother handed Lil' Man to me it was a sacred, solemn moment. I can't articulate how deeply I respect this couple. They are good people who love our son more selflessly and purely than many people can fathom, and we will forever be so grateful for their love and their sacrifices. 

It's been amazing to see God's hand in how this has all worked out. We know Lil' Man is where he is supposed to be, and we love him and his birth family dearly. Adoption is an incredible miracle and blessing. 

We got two pictures with them, and us, and they are hardly even different but I just couldn't choose one to post, so here they both are:

Also, we've been getting a lot of questions about what's going on, so here's the update on how Lil' Man is doing: Lil' Man was born early and is in the NICU, but he's a serious champ and is doing great. He now eats well and we are hoping he will be released super soon. He is such a sweetheart! I'll post a bit about NICU life next. We love y'all!


  1. This brought tears to my eyes. You guys are so wonderful and I am so happy for you.

  2. What incredibly amazing people his birth parents must be. As you described the moment that Mack's mother put him into you arms, I thought of how Heavenly Father must feel as He lets these little ones take their next step and He entrusts them to us. It paints such a beautiful picture.

    Birth parents in my mind have got to be the most courageous people in the whole world. I love them for giving you such a special gift and that they will get to continue to be part of his life. Bless them for being so strong and doing the hardest thing for the right reason. Hugs to them. He is such a handsome boy! Can't wait for you to bring him home!

  3. I love this! What amazing people Mack's birth parents are! Thank you for sharing your experiences you guys have had. You can really feel the Spirit through them!

  4. I loved reading this story. It shows the huge miracle that adoption is, once again. His birth parents sounds like incredibly selfless, good people -- I can only imagine how grateful you are to them for giving you the blessing of your son! I'm glad little Mack is doing well and hopefully will be home with you soon!


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