Some More of Sweet Lil' Man

Just some more pictures of our beautiful boy "Lil' Man"! We love this guy! 

This series cracks me up--the progression of big sis trying to kiss him:

"No! Not the kisses!"

"Ugh. I can't do anything about this."

"No more. Please."

Sadly, the Bean and the Lil' Man aren't allowed to hang out yet, with NICU rules and all. Alas! They're going to be such great buds though, I can't wait. 

Bean is getting to know the hospital super well. She knows where to find suckers and orange juice especially. Lovely. Today she dumped said juice on my head. Even more lovely. 

Here is Lil' Man with his teddy bear that I mentioned before that his birth parents have a matching one of. This is him at one week old. 

Snuggles with Mommy:

Snuggles with Daddy:

And our darling little man: 

We love this guy! 


  1. He is so cute!!! I love those pictures of Iris and Mack! Your little guy is in our prayers!

  2. Iris has the cutest pucker I have ever seen! Iris being familiar with the hospital means you get to spend a fair amount of time with Mr. Mack at the hospital that is fabulous. He is so sweet!

  3. He's definitely cute. I like his boxing gloves! Iris looks like she's excited to be a big sister.

  4. He's soooooo tiny!!! Gah, I forget how little they are when they're so brand new. And so stinking cute. It looks like he's a blondie already! Love love love all the pictures of you snuggling your sweet little boy!

  5. i adore pictures of new parents at the hospital... they look so exhausted and full of joy! Congrats again on your new little one! So happy for your family!

  6. SO cute! I love all these pictures! The pictures of Mack backing up from Iris's kisses are funny. And I love his fuzzy little blonde hair!


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