Birth Family Christmas Visits

We had two visits with Lil' Man's beautiful, wonderful birth family in December. It was our first times seeing them since signing papers, and it was so great! 

The first time we visited with both his birth parents and his biological half brother. Aren't they gorgeous? 

Opening Christmas presents from Lil' Man...

The next visit was with Lil' Man's birth mother's family. They came the day before we left for Christmas, and we had a great visit! We took lots of pictures, I'll post a few soon. 

We also had our annual Christmas visit with Bean's birth family. They ordered tons of pizza and we had a blast visiting and Bean had tons of fun playing with K. We'd seen them right after Lil' Man's birth twice (at his baby shower and right before that) and right before he was born, but we still had tons to catch up on, and it was a great visit! So great that we forgot to take pictures, darn it! The only one we got was right as we were leaving and was super blurry. 

But we are so grateful for our children's loving birth families! They are all amazing and we are so fortunate to have them in our lives. 

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  1. Finally getting a chance to catch up on reading blogs since my lil man's birth and realized I haven't seen anything from you...would love to be added to your private blog! megan.thomas814@gmail.com


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