General Blog Announcements

We have decided to divide our blog into two. We now have a private blog, where you can find more detailed posts about our family and what we're up to, including older posts that I've removed from this blog for privacy reasons.

We are keeping this blog up, as an adoption resource for friends who may have questions about what adoption today might look like, or about infertility, open adoption, birth family relationships, etc. We're keeping up posts related to these topics and will try to continue posting about these things as time permits, as well as about our faith and some other various topics (cooking, gardening, etc) that seem to bring in readers who may be interested in what we have to say. We won't post as frequently here though, it will be more on a "as time permits" basis.

Also please note that our kids are now known as "Bean" and "Lil' Man" here and make sure to refer to them by those names, and don't be offended if your comments get deleted if they contain any personal info (names etc) in them. If you are interested in following the private blog send us a private message.


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