I'm afraid I'm a bit of a Halloween Grinch. I think it's probably the most annoying holiday there is. Buy costumes for the kids that they'll wear once. Buy candy for all the kids in the neighborhood, and maybe all the kids in the city, depending on how good your neighborhood is for trick-or-treating. Take kids out to beg for free candy. Watch as all of the children around get hyped up on sugar and eventually meltdown in tantrums and fits from all of the craziness. Repeat once a year. 

I know, I'm such a party pooper. 

In an effort to not think about the things I dislike about this time of year, I figured I'd share a few of my favorite things about Halloween:

We took the kids to a pumpkin patch, and it was a blast. They loved the tractor ride, the farm animals, and obviously the pumpkins. And I loved the family bonding time.

Pumpkin carving wasn't a tradition at my house growing up, but it was at Shaun's. It's something he loves doing still, and Bean is old enough to start participating more. In past years we've also done pumpkin painting, which is a little more up my alley. Carving is fun though because of the seeds. This year we found a few seeds that were sprouting in our orange pumpkin, so we planted some and have them growing in a pot in the kitchen window.  Not sure what to do if it starts taking off but it's fun. I love roasting pumpkin seeds too. We clean them off and let them sit out for 24 hours before tossing them with olive oil and sea salt and baking until they're perfectly crunchy. 

I also love all of the Halloween cooking, as you may've noticed in the last few posts.

So there you have it--some lovely things about the Halloween season. 

And not so lovely was my attempt at making vegan caramel pears, but that was my fault. I should've known coconut milk and honey wouldn't stick or set like caramel. Boo! 

Happy Halloween anyway :)

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