Hello? Anyone out there still read this thing? It's been a while! If no one remembers this blog's existence, frankly, I'm not surprised. I love you all anyway.

I love having a private blog. Seriously love it. I'm not a very trusting person, and I feel so much better posting pictures of my kids and all about their awesomeness on a private venue that only family and friends can access. That being said, as we've made it through Lil' Man's first year I feel a little more up to posting on here again. (Occasionally.) The private blog is still going strong, so if you want to hear about our pretty neat family, read that. They're quite cool :)

I've been thinking a lot about what I want this blog's purpose to be as we've changed things up a lot, and a line from the 13th Article of Faith keeps coming to mind: "If there is anything virtuous, lovely, of good-report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things." So I'll be attempting to post things that are uplifting, thought-provoking, delicious and maybe even nutritious. Wish me luck.

It's nice to be back!


  1. I still have you in my blog feeder. I'm way too lazy to read private blogs. If it doesn't come into my feed reader, I just don't read it. Sorry if I've missed any awesome and important updates!

  2. Um, so I keep meaning to tell you that your private blog hates me and never lets me view it. I've been able to get in twice, I think. I don't know what it's deal is, but could you try re-adding me? megan.thomas814@gmail.com I have fallen so behind on reading my favorite people's blogs and updating my own... I hope to remedy that in the next week or so! Also, those cinnamon rolls in the post above look amazing and I want to eat them all RIGHT NOW.

  3. It won't let me in either! Billyandalicia08@gmail.com


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