I'm Thankful for Infertility

Happy Thanksgiving! (in a few weeks...)

I love this time of year. I love the feeling in the air of love and sharing and giving. As I reflect on the things I am grateful for, obviously a few things always come to mind first.

I'm grateful for my husband. I'm grateful for the strong love and bond that connects us. I'm grateful for the trials we've endured together, because they've strengthened us. I've learned that I can rely on Shaun. He's my best friend, and my soul mate.

I'm grateful for my kids. I'm grateful for their sweet spirits. I'm grateful to be their mommy. I'm grateful for their birth families, and especially for their birth mothers who sacrificed so much for them, and, in doing so, gifted me with the blessing of being the mother of these special angels. It's overwhelming to think about, and I can't emphasize enough how thankful I am for adoption. Without it, I wouldn't have my kids. They're mine and Shaun's world.

I'm grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ. He atoned for my sins, and because he sacrificed for each of us, we can return to our Heavenly Parents and be with our families forever. The magnitude of this love and these blessings is something so immense I know I don't completely comprehend it, but I am forever thankful. i want nothing more than to return to my Heavenly Parents, to kneel at my Savior's feet and thank him for his loving sacrifice, and be with my family forever.

All of these blessings are tremendous. And I wouldn't have the same understanding of any of them without my personal experiences. Heavenly Father blessed me with infertility. It does not always feel like a blessing, but when I think about my relationship with my Savior, with my husband, and with my kids, not to mention the miraculous fact that they are our kids, I am overwhelmed. I would not change the trials that brought me here, because I am glad to be here. The road wasn't easy, and it still isn't, but it is beautiful. And it is most certainly worth it. 

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