Album Review: Pentatonix's "That's Christmas to Me"

Shaun and I are big on Christmas, and, of course, music is a huge part of our lives anyway, so Christmas music is a big deal here. A few weeks ago we bought a few new Christmas albums and tracks, including the new album "That's Christmas to Me" from Pentatonix. 

Shaun's a giant acapella fan, and he really loves Pentatonix, so as soon as I saw this video I knew we had to get the album stat (because I'm totally cool with Christmas music before Thanksgiving...or anytime, really, especially if it's cold outside.)

Favorite tracks on this album:
  • "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" begins as a simple, traditional sounding choral arrangement, and then picks up after a verse and becomes one of those clap-your-hands gospel-music arrangements. We love it. Shaun has always said that soulful gospel music makes his heart happy, and I totally agree.
  • "White Winter Hymnal" is hauntingly beautiful. Far from your traditional Christmas song, but absolutely lovely to listen to. 
  • "That's Christmas to Me" is another simple yet beautiful song that's been stuck in my head for days. The harmonies are lovely and it just makes my ears happy. 
  • Of course "Mary, Did You Know" (above) is on our favorites list too.
And there are no least-favorite tracks, but we do have one issue with the album:

Least favorite moment:
  • Winter Wonderland/Don't Worry Be Happy is a really fun track that sound great, until you get to to 2:43, where the two lead vocalists opt to say one line rather than sing it with their lovely voices. It just doesn't sound that good. But other than that moment this track is fun. 

We honestly enjoy each track on this album. Bean's favorite is "Let It Go" (the bonus track), and she requests that one frequently. If you are an acapella geek too, or if you enjoy beautiful Christmas music, chances are good that you'll love this album. It's one that I imagine we'll be listening to for years to come.

Here are 2 more videos for your enjoyment :)

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