The Drummer Boy

This post is about liking something that initially was hard for me to like, but I changed. 
First off let me assure you that I have the best family. But we all have our quirks, right? My parents? They can't stand the song "Little Drummer Boy." And their opinions have rubbed off on all of their kids--seriously, growing up no one in my family liked that song, and anytime it played on the radio everyone would roll their eyes and mumble insults about it. Why? Not quite sure--I think it may be because the drummer boy is a fictional character for a holiday that is very holy and real to my family. Also my parents may not have thought us kids would understand the metaphors of the song. (We didn't.)
But as the years have gone by I've found myself feeling less and less annoyed with this song, and last year when I heard Pentatonix's take on this song for the first time I changed my mind about the Little Drummer Boy who was so picked on by my family. I love this song. This is my favorite arrangement of it. 

And for the record, this year I'm totally obsessed with Michael Buble and Idina Menzel's duet of "Baby It's Cold Outside." I know most of you have probably already heard it, but it's absolutely great, so if you haven't heard it, go listen to it now! :)

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