Power to become

A conversation the husband and I had on a Sunday morning a few weeks ago: 
"Why don't we ever take pictures of our kids when they're dressed nice? All of our pictures lately are of them running around half-dressed or covered in spaghetti sauce. Someday they'll look back at the pictures and think that was the norm." 

And so we took pictures immediately of the kids before church. Proof that they do in fact have some nice clothes and clean faces sometimes ;) 


On an unrelated note, something that's been on my mind a lot lately is this:

"It is extremely important for you to believe in yourselves, not only for what you are now, but for what you have the power to become." 

-Neal A. Maxwell

Sometimes I look at my life and wonder if there's anything future-Lanette will look back on and wish I was doing differently in the present. Obviously that's a big, open question without any real answers, but I like to think about it because I feel like it gives me clarity to help me make better choices. 

For example, I love planning "projects" for our house. I'm itching to paint and remodel and redecorate a long list of things. It's ridiculously easy for me to get wrapped up in planning for the future so much that I forget to appreciate the present. It has been said that very little is needed to make a happy life. I imagine future-Lanette may look back and wish my present self could have an attitude of "less is more" more often. That's not to say that I think my house-planning is a waste of time--but perhaps less planning and more living in the present would do my soul well. That's just one kind of goofy example. 

I imagine there are many more things I could be doing differently (and better), but that's kind of the whole point of life--to make mistakes, improve, make more mistakes, and improve some more. Finding the balance of not beating yourself up for your flaws but acknowledging them and making improvements is a bit tricky, but I really do believe in my potential, and the more I believe in my own potential, the easier it is for me to recognize the beautiful potential in those around me.  Bean loves to sing "I am a child of God," and knows the fourth verse well--"Celestial glory shall be mine if I can but endure." It's easier said than done, but we're all working on it, and we all have so much more power than we realize.

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