Exciting News for Hopeful LDS Adoptive Families

Today some really exciting news was announced that may be of interest to anyone who is Mormon (LDS) and considering adoption. Any couples who are Mormon and hoping to adopt who meet 4 criteria (way simplified from before) are able to have their profiles published on the world's largest adoption website, adoption.com. There is a special page that hosts all LDS family profiles, and for the next year, being published on the site is absolutely free for Mormon couples who meet the 4 criteria.

The criteria:
1. Be sealed in the temple to your spouse
2. Have current temple recommends
3. Get a Bishop's recommendation
4. Complete an Adoption.com home study
The regular cost of having your profile on their website is $199/month, and after 2016, while there will be a fee involved, it will be lower for LDS couples who qualify. Although Shaun and I feel like we're in a good spot right now and are not pursuing growing our family, we are so thrilled for this opportunity for so many friends who are hoping to adopt! For more info you can read this article. Such exciting news! :)

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