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A few weeks ago I decided to start getting together with a couple of girlfriends to try to add some culture (or at least socialization not in the form of playdates for the kids) to my life. One evening we played Jane Austen trivia and took a Jane Austen character personality test. The plan was for everyone to go by a pseudonym from the books, but we were all one of two characters, so we didn't do that. ;)

In preparation, I scoured the internet looking for a good quiz to use. Every quiz I took pegged me as Elinor or Marianne Dashwood, which was annoying as I didn't think either was an accurate result, not to mention they're not exactly super-similar are they?

And so I spent a few hours (embarrassing to admit but true) thinking up my own version. I decided to go with the Myers-Briggs test for the questions, and assigned characters to each of the 16 different personality tests. I googled tons of peoples' opinions on who was what personality, and really just wasted way too much time getting it ready, so I decided to share the fruits of my labors, in hopes that someone may think it amusing, or may even be spared dwindling away their time doing the same thing someday.

Disclaimers: Of course this is not scientific or 100 percent accurate, these are book characters for pete's sake. Please don't be mad at me if you don't like your results. It's really just for fun. :) And, my last disclaimer: Interestingly, I still don't agree with my results, but I didn't want to fight the message boards that declared Elizabeth Bennett an INFJ too much, because really, I was getting tired of working on this. ;)

To take the MBTI/ Myers-Briggs test, go here, or, for a very short (and less accurate) version, go here. I used the short one for the Jane Austen party, since the original version is quite long and takes about 15-20 minutes.

And then here is the list of characters matched to personalities. If you think any of them are off, I won't be offended, obviously I'm no expert, so please share your thoughts. Marianne Dashwood repeats once, any suggestions to fix that are welcome especially, AND, if you can think of a female for INTJ, please please tell me! Obviously this is a "just for fun" kind of thing, so don't take it too seriously.

  • INFP- Catherine Moreland 

  • INFJ- Elizabeth Bennett 

  • INTJ- Mr. Darcy 

  • INTP- Jane Fairfax 

  • ISFJ- Anne Elliott

  • ISFP- Jane Bennett

  • ISTJ- Eleanor Dashwood

  • ISTP- Charlotte Lucas

  • ENFJ- Marianne Dashwood

  • ENFP- Marianne Dashwood

  • ENTJ- Emma Woodhouse

  • ENTP- Mary Crawford

  • ESFJ- Anne Taylor-Weston

  • ESFP- Lydia Bennett

  • ESTJ- Fanny Price

  • ESTP- Catherine Bingley

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