Out of the blue

As I've mentioned before, Shaun and I decided post-IVF that we were done trying to grow our family. "If something falls into our laps, awesome, but otherwise, let's just relax and not stress," I said.

A few weeks ago, it looked like a situation may just fall into our laps. It was wild. A friend met an expectant mom. Our friend told her all about us. We met. We became fast friends. We figured we ought to get approved to adopt again, just in case. Now it looks like this expectant mother won't be placing with us, and that's obviously totally okay. But we're approved, and so we figured why not put our profile back online, "just in case." We'll see if anything comes of it. I'm trying to keep this low-stress attitude in place, which is a bit challenging but good for my sanity. 

So, just for the record. We're approved to adopt again. It's exciting to think about what could be, but in the meantime, I'm trying to keep my imagination from running wild and my expectations in check. Possibilities are alway exciting though. 


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